Developers Documentation

AnyGuide can easily connect to any website, from Wordpress to Facebook to your own custom built site.

Getting started

Our Plugin work out of the box without the need to install or add dependencies. Just copy paste the code and off you go.


All Plugin take unique identifiers in order to connect to the right account. We will use the same placeholders for every example.

You can obtain your slug & token by contacting our 24/7 customer support.

placeholder description
tour_guide_slug Your unique account slug
tour_guide_token Your unique account referrer token
ctl_slug The curated tours list slug
ctl_token The curated tours list token

Types of Plugins

We developed 3 Plugins to help you connect your website to anyguide. Every plugin serves a different purpose but can be used in conjunction. The 3 Plugins are:

ยท Tour Listings Plugin

This Plugin embeds your Tour Listings, Descriptions and Availability from your Account into a page on your own website. It offers a more seamless experience for your guests since they can browse your tours, descriptions and availability on your own website.

ยท Contact Form

This Plugin embeds a Contact form that is linked with your AnyGuide account. Messages received through this plugin appear in your Dashboard and are send to you via email.

ยท Curated Tours List

If you need to group and display specific tours on different pages a curated tours list will help you achieve that. You can group tours even if they don't belong to you.

Tour Listings Plugin


Copy the code above into a page where the plugin should appear. Don't forget to change the slug & token.

Everything can be styled from a stylesheet that is unique to to your account. You can find an example stylesheet here.

Contact Form

The Contact form has 2 variations: inline and modal. An inline contact form displays on a page where as a modal contact form is triggered by a button and opens in a modal.

Inline Contact Form

Copy paste the above code wherever you want the contact form to appear. No further action is needed.

Modal Contact Form

You will need a button with an id of contact to trigger the contact form. The identifier can be changed so it doesn't clash with an already existing id.

Curated Tours List

A Curated Tours List has exactly the same layout as the Listings Plugin, except you controll exaclty what tours will show up. You can even mix tours from different accounts. To create a curated tours list you can send us a quick email or contact our 24/7 support with the exact tours you want to be included and we'll send you back the slug to replace in the code.